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Smart optical laser sorter Visys Python

This is the most modern 4th generation laser optical sorter used in the food processing industry.
Intelligent laser and optical sensors with a combination of unique algorithms allows for a wide range of option settings, including advanced shape selection, colour, and structure recognition. This achieves superior results compared to conventional sorters.


- red and infrared lasers provide colour sorting

- high-end lasers provide foreign objects detection

- digital lasers with an optical inspection unit for shape sorting

Applications :
- colour detection
- organic admixtures detection
- foreign objects detection
- structure detection
- alpha detection
- shape sorting
- size sorting

The Python is equipped with a number of software algorithms and optical features that can be adjusted for every individual application and individual customer need. This equipment enables sorting out all foreign objects and defects. Ejection of rejected defects is performed by 72 air guns..

We use this machine for our purposes and also offer it as a service.

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